Booster Pack for V2.0

If you already have the Original Smart Heart Board Game ® you can upgrade your game to V2.0 by only purchasing our Booster Pack V2.0 & still use it with your original game.

  • Can be used with the original Smart Heart Board Game or independently
  • Perfect for family dinner time & portable for picnics, car rides & travel

The Booster Pack V2.0 includes:

  • 3 updated decks of cards: new Pic-Tales, talk-talk & i feel…when… cards
  • 1 Curious Conversations Booklet
  • The Booster Pack V2.0 caters to the experiences of third culture kids in that the content is culturally-sensitive and relatable across all religions, races and traditions. Moreover, it helps normalize such experiences such as divorce, grief, fears, friendship, sibling rivalry which are universally common amongst children and families.
  • The Curious Conversations Booklet serves as a guideline for adults to create a safe space for children to express their thoughts and feelings. It includes additional questions to ask that will elicit meaningful conversations around feelings and encourage further story-telling, as well as meaningful disclosures. It also highlights the differences between validating vs. dismissive statements and shares examples of each.