Smart Heart Board Game ®

Available in English & Afrikaans 

Smart Heart ®, a revolutionary board game developed by psychologists to encourage emotional expression in children, is set to change the way many children express themselves & interact with others. The interactive game, which makes use of picture & word cards that assist children in identifying & communicating their feelings, aims to facilitate and foster mental & emotional health, while encouraging children to think for themselves & create solutions to their problems.

  • Smart Heart Board Game (English version) is only available for purchase at The LightHouse Arabia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for AED250. This price does not include international shipping costs.
  • Smart Heart Board Game (Afrikaans version) is only available for Purchase on Take Alot

How to play:

  • Talk-Talk cards: answering questions, e.g. What do you like about your school?
    Or: A girl is playing by herself at break time. How could you include her in your game?



  • I feel…when… cards: talking about a time when they felt the same feeling that is   represented on the card, e.g. I feel embarrassed (or important, or tired etc.) when…


  • Pic-Tales: describing or telling a story about the picture on the card, e.g. a picture of a     baby’s pram with a bottle, dummy etc., or a cat staring into a mirror and seeing a lion     in the reflection.



It is important to note that there is no right or wrong answer, only the experience as perceived by the person answering.